Thursday, January 29, 2015

The example of Ganga by Chamu Krishna Shastry

Ganga starts as a small trickle. She never delves into her smallness nor question her ability to reach her destination - the faraway sea. She just keep moving forward. Along the way, she collects others like the Yamuna into her flow. She never changes her course nor lose sight of her vision. She continues to retain her original character as well, so when Yamuna merges with Ganga. Yamuna becomes a part of Ganga and not the other way around. And when she finally reaches the sea, she is as big as the sea itself.

What a profound insight from a great man. As the director of Punyakoti, the example of Ganga inspires me to keep moving without losing sight of my goal, take small steps, take people along with me and never compromise. Thankyou sir.

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