Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hectic week at office and at the PK project.

A hectic week at office. Have been juggling work and Punykoti. Can't beleive that animatics of one full act is now close to being completed. We have a first glimpse of the colour concepts for the movie and all of the things I see are both exciting and intimidating.

The drive to collect 20 lakhs is also gaining a lot of attention. Nearing 2000 views in a week and 20 shares. Continue to support.

After many people asked me the trick of managing office and the project together, I have started maintaining a physical dairy (much easier) to pull out and write :). And already in the last 20 odd days, it is filled with 200 odd items. But it is a great aid to keep track of several things at the same time.

Promise to be more meticulous from next week. Exciting times!

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