Monday, April 27, 2015

A LIKE for Punyakoti

One year back – a few of us got this crazy idea of making a crowdsourced animated Sanskrit movie and a music album by Sri. Ilaiyaraaja. We had no idea that in a year, it will get us, this kind of media attention and support from the creative community within and outside Infosys. In a unique model, we made Punyakoti an open project and divided the movie into 30 segments and asked leading animators/budding directors to visualize a scene each. Almost 20 of it now have leading animators working on it. I was asked to present the model  around the world and received positive feedback and support from the faculty at IIT-B, Art Institute of Atlanta and Stanford. Things I would have never imagined before.

We are now relaunching the website and the project has been selected by Wishberry to run a crowdfunding campaign to complete the animatics and the album for the movie. This will be one of the largest fund raising campaign in India for an animated movie. I need your support to create a social media buzz. I have a humble request. Do LIKE the FB page, if you have not done so already and also ask your friends to LIKE the page. Tweet about the campaign in your circles. Continue to comment and share posts.

This has been one of the biggest personal risks I have taken in my life. But my primary motivation was to create a platform for the budding creative community in the country. Please share this with other creative groups as well that may be interested as I do not have permission to post into some groups. Looking forward to your continuing support, suggestions and feedback.