Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How do I get what I want in life?

So many people ask me why I am making a movie. I have a decent job and good salary. Why would I undertake the risk of making an animated movie in Sanskrit when it is not even clear if anyone will watch it and on top of that, why do I want to crowd fund it. And how did I find the time and money to do what I want to do in life. And am I successful. Many also admit that they also want to do many things in life, but never find the time or money to do what they want. Yet, others say that they don't even know what they want to do in life. Here is a tip that I wanted to share, in case it helps someone. And if there are others that I don't know, share them with me.
One question that I asked myself (thanks to some coaching) was - if I had everything in life, what will I do? - To me, it was a list of things like learning Sanskrit, learning alternate medicine, learning about mural art, write books for children, making an animated movie, learning yoga. learning and composing music, painting etc. My coach asked me to start doing all of this without waiting until I got everything in life. He said life will eventually adjust around all these activities and then I will start to feel as if I have everything in life. After I started doing all of this, it dawned on that I will not be successful in many of the things that I am doing. Yet, they were things that I wanted to do. So I found fulfilment in what I was doing and not waiting for the results (success). I had earlier only read the message from the Gita about working without expectations of results and knew it only as a message. But today, I am not only practising it but also experiencing a certain 'completeness' of life.
I have tried to talk to people about my experiments and what I get. But few take the plunge. And over time I realised why others were struggling. And here is a mega secret tip. I realise the reason many never get to where they want to get is because they are using their own brains to figure things out. Our brains are good enough to survive. For getting beyond ourselves, we need good mentors and coaches. That is why the best of players have them and not the mediocre ones. So you want to get beyond what you know, follow someone else blindly who wishes well for you. Your smartness can only keep you safe and out of trouble - it is designed that way, don't use it to elevate yourself. It is like making your Chief Risk Officer as the CEO of your company.