Thursday, June 14, 2018

Media Mentions

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Phone rings...
Me: Yes, professor.
Prof: What happened to Punyakoti?
Me: Almost there. Just need some finishing funds.
Prof: You have been saying that for 2 years now, don't you have some plans? You were trying for some grants, right? What happened?
Me: Have tried a lot of things - Nothing so far has worked out.
Prof: So what are you going to do?
Me: From December, I am putting my own money. I reasoned that - if I had a third child, will I not spend on her? So, Punyakoti is my third child now.
Prof: Good, come meet me, I will give you some money. I want a guarantee from you that you will complete it this year.
Me: No, madam. You have been a big support, I am still young and can earn back. I feel shy to take money from you.
Prof: All that we will see later, come and meet me this Friday.
Me: (hesitantly) OK
(The retired professor gave a cheque from her retirement corpus to help us complete Punyakoti. It is these kind of punya atmas that keep me going. I don't have any words to thanks all these people. I must have done some good deed in my last birth to be blessed like this.)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Punyakoti Journey 2017

It has been an incredible journey so far. Here is a quick look at the journey so far.

Major milestones

January - Freelancers continue on Encounter and Arbuta Intro sequences
February - Meeting Sri. Vivek Rangachari of DAR Motion Pictures
March - Puppetica formally registered as a company
April - PK Intro sequence completed. Ashamed animatics corrected
May - Proposals submitted for getting grants
June - Attempts to find a co-producer is unsuccessful
July - Magic sequence completed
August - Punyakoti pitch for startup fest in Karnataka; among finalists of elevate 100; Dinner animatics corrected
September - Meeting Sri Sethu Vaidyanathan to find a consortium of producers; Juju berry animatics corrected.
October - Freedom Song sketches completed
November - Meeting Sri Subramaniam Swamy. Proposal submitted.
December - Decision to proceed with self-financing the movie until further funds appear; post production starts.

January - Production starts. Dinner sequence.
February - Dinner sequence; Digital Empowerment Award
March - Market sequence
March - Ashamed sequence
April - Dubbing
May - Dubbing with Ms. Revathi
June - Animatics completed
July - Dream sequence completed
August - Full time production stops. Few freelancers continue; Art of Punyakoti event in Chennai to raise funds unsuccessful
September - Crowdfund exhausted. Search for co-producer begins
October - Intro and title credits sequences animated
November - NFDC Filmbazaar curated project

February - Sri. MD Pai suggests crowdfunding. Wishberry accepts project.
March - Social media and web presence for Punyakoti is built.
June - Crowdfunding campaign launched
July - Press covers Punyakoti
August - Crowdfunding successful
September - Character Design and Storyboarding
October - Gigi appears in MAMI panel on Crowdfunding
November - NFDC invites Ravi for a session on Crowdfunding
December - Rough animatics begins for 30 sequences; Character Design completed.

January - Concept note for Punyakoti by Ravi and Girish
February - Meeting Sri. Ilaiyaraaja, he blesses the concept note
April - Script Completed and Funding exploration starts
May - Friends start concept art for Punyakoti. Crowdsourcing experiment starts
July - First few concept arts pour in
November - Workshop in IDC regarding the concept of crowdsourcing Punyakoti pre-production; first press note appears