Thursday, December 1, 2016

Will Punyakoti join the 100-cr club?

Punyakoti is the first Sanskrit Animated Movie. As its director, people ask me this question. Here is my 6 reasons why/how it can. When you do something new, the potential of it is between zero and infinity. So placing it anywhere in between is just limited by what we believe in. Imagine what Patanjali or Zoho or Uber did.

1. People told me that you cannot raise more than 20 lakhs in crowdfunding. We put out a campaign for 40 lakhs and raised 41lakhs and even got a mention in Social Media Empowerment awards this year. Our context was, if we succeed, we will inspire others. Someone needs to start somewhere.

2. By virtue of being a Sanskrit movie, it is a PAN-Indian movie. Or for that matter a PAN-world movie. Considering even Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Hollywood movies reaching 100 cr clubs, Punyakoti can be watched by... 20% of those markets put together and it will reach the 100 cr club mark.

3. Cows and Tigers speaking is not an Indian phenomenon. When a Lion or Panda speaks, the world listens. That is the truth. And people in any part of the world can understand a Cow or Tiger speaking. And Sanskrit is not Indian. Mel Gibson's characters spoke throughout his movie Apolcalypto in Yucatec Mayan language. Mel explained - ""I think hearing a different language allows the audience to completely suspend their own reality and get drawn into the world of the film."

4. It is not an alternative or niche or a kids movie. It is a movie. It is a movie with a story. It is a family movie. These kind of limits our mind and then our possibility. It is like how Bajaj lost out to Tata ACE, when they kept saying, "We are leaders in the three-wheeler market." It took them some shake up to let go of their limiting definitions.

5. We have only 12000 theatres and over a billion people in our country. And another 6 billion outside. We have an estimated 15 million LED TVs sold every year. So 100-cr market sounds like a small market. There must be another way of doing it.

6. 315 million children go to schools in India. There are 12,85,576 schools in India. And all of them are taught about values of being honest and living in harmony with nature. If we give a tax free ticket to every student and their parents/guardians we are talking 900 million tickets! If you know someone in the B-schools, give it as a project to them. Let them figure out ten ways of making this happen. And we will give them a share of the 100 cr we make!