Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why 2D?

People ask me, "Why 2D?" - I know 3D is cooler. I know 2D is out of fashion. But to us in the team, 2D is more artistic than 3D and requires more skill. The skill to do 2D is rarer nowadays. Rather than traditional 2D, we have opted for a via media where we do computer aided 2D animation. But a lot of work is still hand drawn and it is visible in the output. It is a showcase of the artist. Much like the difference between a handloom vs. synthetic material, this is more fulling.

Zero Budget Movie Making - Well Almost

Heard from a Tamil movie maker (Arun Bose) about how to make zero budget (well, almost zero budget) at The Goa Project. Arun made a one minute clip to start his movie making journey. Emboldened he made a 30 minute movie (frugally) during his student days and now he has embarked on a full length feature.

He starts with a framework (a powerful one). The crew takes a bus to the location and modifies the script based on what is available in the location. Once they know what is to be shot, the actors arrive the next day. And everyone organically evolve the movie. The movie is 'Alaiyin Thisai' - check it out.

I see that there will be many more adventure seekers like us in the future.

Man Proposed, Machine Disposes

The Macintosh that was rendering the trailer decided to give up on us last week. Immediate first aid did not help. We took her for some professional care and looks like she needs rest for 5 days - The bill is heavy and our pockets are not deep. One of the many challenges that frugal movie makers face all the time. Scampering to pull out some of our personal saving to get the Mac moving again.

February Progress Sheet

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Coming Soon, Stay Tuned - The Art of Punyakoti

Punyakoti has inspired a whole lot of people. I am working with some artists to create a series of online artefacts on the themes that are present in the story of Punyakoti. Stay Tuned. Of course, our first priority will be to complete the movie. We are working on a teaser that is coming out very soon as well.

Nice Shot #1

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The first looks have come from the studio and it is looking impressive.