Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Fulfilling January

A concept art from one of the animatics that is in progress

Was traveling last week and could not update. January has been a action packed month. Here is the action on the ground.
  1. Rough animtics of almost 12 of the 31 scenes is in progress. A huge jump from the 5 which started last month. More and more people are now actively involved in the project from around India. And more are joining every week.
  2. Presented the project and prospects to Sri. Ram Vaidya, who is reaching out to the Sanskrit lovers in the UK and Europe. His words that we are just 'nimithams' (mediums) made me feel inspired. Great work happen through us and not because of us. Blessed by the association of such selfless evangelists. 
  3. Dr. Srinivas's enthusiasm is infectious. He has agreed to endorse the movie among his friends.
  4. We started a 'I Support Punyakoti' campaign that has received a good reception - close to a 1000 pageviews. More testimonials are coming in the coming weeks.
  5. We have a law firm supporting the project now. We are thankful to them for coming on board.
  6. We had the first Punyakoti workshop in Kochi on the 18th that had 12 attendees working on various aspects of the movie. 5 others could not make it. There is great enthusiasm among them. I met many of the people who are working on my project for the first time!
  7. Have been fortunate to have the leading contemporary writer and poet of Kerala work on the dialogues and song sequences of the movie. His endorsement means a lot to me.
  8. The programmers are putting in the paypal button in the contribute page that will help contributors to send their contributions easily. It should be done by next week.
  9. In February, we should have the dummy dubbing and scratch music ready.
  10. I am confident that we can complete the animatics of the movie by April '15.

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