Sunday, May 17, 2015

Thai Piranthal Vazhi Pirukkum

There is a saying in Tamil that says that "once Spring comes, new avenues will opn up" - the month of May was like that. Characters got made. We got one more storyboard artist. We got a Layout Artist. And now a mail from a Sound Designer. The project is attracting talent. In May, we completed the dialogues of the movie (first cut). With my impending travel to Paris, next week - I am hoping to connect with a few Indian there as well. And am more eagerly awaiting the week after when I am in Trivandrum to connect with the core team. May was hectic but the progress is pleasing. And the giant shift in the social media presence. We almost garnered a 1000 likes in this month. And I just noticed in Twitter, that there is so much activity including an 'All the best' from Subramniam Swamy.