Monday, December 11, 2017

Punyakoti Journey 2017

It has been an incredible journey so far. Here is a quick look at the journey so far.

Major milestones

January - Freelancers continue on Encounter and Arbuta Intro sequences
February - Meeting Sri. Vivek Rangachari of DAR Motion Pictures
March - Puppetica formally registered as a company
April - PK Intro sequence completed. Ashamed animatics corrected
May - Proposals submitted for getting grants
June - Attempts to find a co-producer is unsuccessful
July - Magic sequence completed
August - Punyakoti pitch for startup fest in Karnataka; among finalists of elevate 100; Dinner animatics corrected
September - Meeting Sri Sethu Vaidyanathan to find a consortium of producers; Juju berry animatics corrected.
October - Freedom Song sketches completed
November - Meeting Sri Subramaniam Swamy. Proposal submitted.
December - Decision to proceed with self-financing the movie until further funds appear; post production starts.

January - Production starts. Dinner sequence.
February - Dinner sequence; Digital Empowerment Award
March - Market sequence
March - Ashamed sequence
April - Dubbing
May - Dubbing with Ms. Revathi
June - Animatics completed
July - Dream sequence completed
August - Full time production stops. Few freelancers continue; Art of Punyakoti event in Chennai to raise funds unsuccessful
September - Crowdfund exhausted. Search for co-producer begins
October - Intro and title credits sequences animated
November - NFDC Filmbazaar curated project

February - Sri. MD Pai suggests crowdfunding. Wishberry accepts project.
March - Social media and web presence for Punyakoti is built.
June - Crowdfunding campaign launched
July - Press covers Punyakoti
August - Crowdfunding successful
September - Character Design and Storyboarding
October - Gigi appears in MAMI panel on Crowdfunding
November - NFDC invites Ravi for a session on Crowdfunding
December - Rough animatics begins for 30 sequences; Character Design completed.

January - Concept note for Punyakoti by Ravi and Girish
February - Meeting Sri. Ilaiyaraaja, he blesses the concept note
April - Script Completed and Funding exploration starts
May - Friends start concept art for Punyakoti. Crowdsourcing experiment starts
July - First few concept arts pour in
November - Workshop in IDC regarding the concept of crowdsourcing Punyakoti pre-production; first press note appears