Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How much will it cost to make PUNYAKOTI?

Many ask me how much it will cost to make Punyakoti. The estimates keep varying as we are receiving support in cash and kind. Some of the talent we have received are the best in the market and they are coming absolutely free.

A funding mechanism that I am thinking is simple. If a 1000 India loving families give INR 1000 or about USD 40  - perhaps what they would spend on a dinner or a cinema or a joyride - every month for the next one year, the dream can easily be accomplished. We can pay off the studios, artists, online storage, artists etc. without any hassle.

All they need to do is to start a standing instruction with a bank. I already have about 10 people who have promised to do that. I just need another 990 to make Punyakoti happen, if you know someone who can do this, please share this post. In return, we can arrange for 10 premium tickets for the contributors and their friends once the movie is released.

We are also working to enable a PayPal button and online form to fulfill this. Given the limited bandwidth of the team, this is taking longer than usual. Will update everyone when this is done. Let me know f you have an alternate idea, after all we are all in it together. Until then, you can use the bank account details given below.

Account Name: Puppetica Media
Company Address: E-10, Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai 600032, India
Account Number: 00000067285964950
Bank: State Bank of Travancore
Branch: Ashok Nagar, Chennai – 70988
Bank Address: Gth B & C, 12th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600083, India
IFSC Code: SBTR0000988
MICR No.: 600009029

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