Tuesday, November 25, 2014

First what?

There was a healthy debate about the FIRST in the First Sanskrit Animated Movie last week. Yes, it is the first, no dobut and it will generate some interest because of that. But what is more important about Punyakoti is the attempt to crowdsource content from various studios and animators. The platform for showing the movie's progress and planning on the website (www.punyakoti.com/resources.html) is also a novel experiment. The fact that we want to publish the written musical scores is a novelty. The fact that we are doing all of it is not to get some cheap publicity or curiosity is also a first! Then why are we doing it - to genuinely kickstart a trend of collaboration using the connected social nature of the Internet. It is more challenging and full of hurdles, but it is also a journey of discovery and fulfillment. Punyakoti should go beyond just another Sanskrit movie experiment. It should touch a chord in the audience and help kids connect with the language, heritage and pride in our culture. Time will tell.

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